It’s your wonderland

Professional family photography captures in one day all of those moments when you looked at your child with wonder, adoration and sheer delight. Every second of gratitude for your partner is felt in the way that you look at each other. All of those times you touched their hand, or held them close, wishing you could protect them from ever hurting, from growing up, from anything, is captured this day in a reminder of your care for them.

This moment matters.

Taking the time to want, to find, and to arrange portrait photography for your family is a reminder in itself of the preciousness of our family connections, and a demonstration of how much you cherish those quiet moments of gratitude amid the chaos. Of how you see the years unraveling, filled with good, bad, and everything in between, the days rolling away like tumbleweed, never to be repeated. All the seasons of our lives, cherished, and remembered.

This - this moment - these people - who you are - this, this matters. This is my promise to you, because this - it matters to me too.

I will see this, the beauty in you and your family. I consider it an honour to be your photographer and I promise that I will see you. You are more extraordinary than you know.

Contact me, and we’ll talk about your next ‘this’ this moment, your family, your photographs, with love.

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Beautiful, Aspergers

The dream of the Beautiful, Aspergers portrait project is all about empowering girls to identify with their autism diagnosis in a positive way. Recognising those familiar traits but also celebrating each person's unique gifts and personality.

Primarily, Beautiful, Aspergers is an awareness project, drawing positive attention to the female profile of Autism. Autism is widely considered to be under-diagnosed and misunderstood in girls, with the majority of Autism diagnoses being boys.

This project is part of a general movement to redefine disability with positive language, and to recognise the beautiful unique gifts that Autism brings to this world. While understanding the struggles and challenges of life with Aspergers, our intention is to focus on the positives in a way that encourages and celebrates these girls and women.

Above all, Beautiful, Aspergers tells the story of these girls and women, each one a beautiful soul, both because of their Autism and aside from it.

To arrange a Beautiful, Aspergers photo shoot - a complimentary photo session, with a gift print included, with your permission to become part of the public project and website - simply contact me to book a time.

Family Pictures

Have a look at some examples of my work in the galleries, where you’ll see a relaxed, fun and playful style of family and portrait photography. Also included are some beautiful wedding photos, quirky fashion photography and a variety of my published work.