Your photographer, Danielle

You'll find me in Upwey in the Dandenong Ranges, in Melbourne's Outer East, in a quirky little house with a horse chestnut tree in the backyard.

About Danielle Quarmby, photographer

We have three kids - Sienna, 12, has Aspergers and ADHD, wishes she was a fox-girl (excuse me, fox-tomboy) who lives in a tardis, and is incredibly creative; Ash, 10, also has Autism, has a long-running pirate treasure obsession and is currently loving Minecraft; and Cedar, PDD-NOS, 6, is quite the gamer himself, loves Lego and Shinkansen. Add to that my aspie husband, our two cats and two dogs, and that's our menagerie!

Providing a meaningful, unique and supportive service to families with special or additional needs, differently-abled or on the autism spectrum is something I feel strongly about.

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About me personally


I am skilled at drawing emotion out from the beautiful spaces between people.

My work has been published in Tickle the Imagination, Melbourne Made, Maeve, Australian Photo Review, Junkies Magazine Australia (now Footprints) and Scrapbook Creations. I am an avid photographer and artist with over 13 years of experience and a number of awards.

I believe in creating gorgeous images and high quality products that will last.

I started photography when I went to the Royal Adelaide Show at the age of 12. The single show bag I chose was Cherry Ripe, because it came with an actual, real camera! It wasn’t long before I progressed from my plastic 110 film camera to a 35mm Pentax SLR. It was officially a passion.

I fell in love with photography when I had one of the films (from my plastic show bag camera) developed in the Summer that I turned 13. It was then that I saw the portrait I had taken of my 82 year old poppa, proudly posing for me on the front lawn of his Glenelg flat. It meant something. It was precious to me. And photography became something powerful, something meaningful, something important. It was a time capsule, now, and a gift to give. An insight and a memory. Something that matters.

I completely adore photographing people, and get excited about colour and light and making art out of memories…

Things can be pretty crazy around here, but always creative and usually pretty funny too! I'm a double-shot coffee kinda girl, I love love love to travel and Autumn is my favourite time of year. I blog at on family, craft, inspiration and photography - including session sneak peeks! For day to day updates, follow me on Pinterest or Instagram.

Our geek, Ben

It's true, he's our geek and we love him :) Ben is a total Xbox expert and Firefly fanboy. Despite his natural perfectionism and love of order, he has adapted brilliantly to the creative chaos of being married to Danielle! As a sought after Senior Software Engineer, he puts his coding skills to good use making sure your clicks do clever things around here...

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